Knights of the Pool Table Saturday

Session 1


Start 1    1-Oct-4711    Sunday    Temple                        >>     Dedication ceremony of new temple
                                         Goblin attack, 
                                     Rusty Dragon Inn              >>     Dinner with grateful Aldrin, invited to hunt on Tuesday
               2-Oct-4711    Monday    House of Blue Stones          >>     Met Sable, . invited to research as time permits, contacts in Magnamar for future
                                     Rusty Dragon Inn              >>     Dwarf and dragonborn drink
               3-Oct-4711    Tuesday    Forest                        >>     Hunt boar with Alrdin. Received horses and bow
                                     Rusty Dragon Inn              >>     Dinner interrupted by Goblin in house.  1 trapped and digging tunnel in house
               4-Oct-4711    Wednesday    Cemetery                      >>     Priest Tobin grave robbed. happened during Sunday Goblin attack
                                         Tracked goblin trail, lost trail along Thickwood forest
                                     Saw 2 tower ruins             >>     Explored 2nd ruined tower, but no goblin signs.  Thassalonians used to concentrate magic power
                                     Rusty Dragon Inn              >>     Planned to track 7 Tooth clan
               5-Oct-4711    Thursday    Rusty Dragon Inn              >>     Amiko's maid leads to note. Amiko lured to father's glassworks by brother's note
19-Nov-16    End 1                   Glassworks mission            >>     Goblins discovered in glassworks.  Goblins engaged on 1st floor
    LEVEL UP —> 2                              



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